Rachael Oram

Rachael Oram

Back in March 2013 I was working full time in a day nursery. I was healthy, then towards the end of March I caught a virus, something that was quite normal for someone who worked in a nursery. The virus lasted for about a week, which again was normal. I returned to work but I started feeling really tired, feeling like my body was ready to give up. I went to the doctor and he diagnosed viral fatigue so I went home and thought, “Ok, yeah, that sounds ok since I’ve just had a virus’. The doctor told me this would last for about 2 weeks. 3 weeks later I was still feeling exhausted and drained so went back to the doctor. He asked me to list everything I was feeling and he diagnosed me with M.E also known as chronic fatigue syndrome.


I had heard from friends about this illness, that it can be treated but not cured and some friends suggested that I gave up my job because it wasn’t practical to continue. But I didn’t accept this, spoke to my boss and she was understanding and paired me up with a relief member of staff, so for the times I could not work or finish a shift, I was to communicate with her and she would cover me. So this is how I lived for a long period of time. Then early December one evening I was rushed to hospital with chest pain and breathing difficulties and was told that the side effects of the medication were that I would probably get pain in my chest, stomach, lower back and legs. They did a trial run with me taking some strong painkillers; well, they had little effect and within days I was back in hospital as the pain kept spiralling out of control. This happened almost every week until March 2014. During this whole process I had been in touch with David from the Healing Centre, who stood with me and prayed for me almost every time I went into hospital. A friend and I talked about going to the Healing Centre to see if God could do anything. Well it took over a fortnight for us to plan and arrange it, but a good friend put me up for the night and we arranged for me to come over. 3 days before coming I was back in hospital because of pain and dizziness, so it was a miracle I got here anyway. The night of the Healing Centre came. I arrived; I was using a stick because of the pain in my legs and the dizziness. During the service I could tell God was up to something big.


The time of ministry came at the end, where I was invited to come forward if I wanted to. With help I stood up and went forward. David and another member of the ministry team came and prayed for me and I started to sense God was there and was touching me head to toe, not leaving one area of my body untouched. I felt the power of God touch me and I started to feel strength in my legs and the pain in my chest and back completely left. And I started to feel lighter, like a weight had been lifted off me. The dizziness left and the stomach pain disappeared and I started feeling full of energy and my legs were full of heat, and my heart was full of joy. After prayer one of the ministry team helped me up and took me for a walk around the room, without my stick! I started walking round and round, no pain, no tiredness, no stiffness! I knew I was healed in Jesus’ name! The next day I walked around Durham city centre without my stick, in the rain – it felt sooo good!


I got home later that day, and I was just buzzing! The next few weeks after that were the most exciting, especially at work when I was able to bend down to pick a little girl up, one of those who was there before I got the M.E so she knew I used to pick her up and then I stopped doing so. Then I managed to pick her up and she clung to me and in my heart I was like “Now that proves I’m healed!!!” In April I was due for a check-up at the hospital; they did some tests and asked me loads of questions and they said they would let me know the results but they were shocked and didn’t know what to say. I got the results a few weeks later, showing that I am healed, no trace of M.E!!!!! I AM FREE!!!!!


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