Sabah, 2001

Sabah, 2001

Here’s info and photos from Randy’s spring trip to Sabah in Borneo.

Prayer and Fasting for Revival in Sabah

bullet Do we have such heart’s desire for revival that we will give such commitment as these? 
bullet Do your Diocese and Cathedral each have a vision? 

The Sabah Diocesan vision statement:-

To build a diocese of growing, vibrant and worshipping congregations that obey the Great commission to preach the Gospel and train disciples to bring in a mighty a harvest.

The Cathedral vision statement:-

Our vision is to be a quality people of God in all Righteousness, Obedience and Ministries, sharing Christ’s love in Kota Kinabalu and beyond.

They have not only thought and prayed through the vision statements but are actively working them out in the lives of the congregations. Sabah is a federal state of Malaysia and is the most northern country on the island of Borneo. Borneo is the third largest island in the world. Kota Kinabalu is the capital of Sabah.

My visit to Sabah was based on All Saints Cathedral in Kota Kinabalu where The Very Revd. Dean Koo Tuk Su had called his congregation to 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting for Revival. The 40 days started on the Thursday following Ash Wednesday through to the 9th April the Monday of Holy Week. Those involved during those 40 days fasted each day until after the evening prayer time. They gathered in the Cathedral each morning at 6 a.m. under the direction of Hang Gai and worshipped, listened to the word and prayed until 7.45. After going about their daily business they met again at 6p.m. to worship and pray until about 7.15p.m. But these 3 to 4 hours of prayer and praise and worship and teaching were only the core of a whole host of events which continued on until after the Easter Festival.

All Saints Cathedral, Kota Kinabalu

Miracle and Healing Rally 16th – 18th March

Under the chairmanship of David Wong over 3,000 people attended the Miracle Healing Rally each night. The Rally was held in the grounds of the Cathedral and was led by a team of Evangelists from Kuala Lumpur. The Lord miraculously pulled back the rain clouds to enable the rally to be held. I personally spoke to so many witnesses who were there and who will testify that only a miracle of God could have pulled back the clouds and stopped the pouring rain on that first night. One has to know the nature of rain in this part of the tropics to fully comprehend what happened that night. All kinds of healing took place and the official statistics show that 157 people received Jesus and 132 physical healings were actually reported. How many more took place we do not know.

The Revd. Dr. Joseph Akitunde

Joseph is the Pastor of a large church in Lagos, Nigeria and he also travels the world teaching on prayer through his School of Revival. Virtually every morning, afternoon and evening Joseph was teaching and ministering to large classes, either within the Cathedral facilities or in some other church in and around the city. Dean Koo does not just desire revival in the Cathedral congregation but throughout all the congregations in the area no matter what or which denomination and so had organised for Dr. Joseph’s ministry to be spread abroad through out Kota Kinabalu.

The Revd. Randy and The Gentle Touch of the Holy Spirit

That is how I am now known in K.K. It was tremendous to be part of this thirst for revival. As an alternative to the louder pentecostal type approach of some other sessions, the Dean advertised my sessions and ministry as the Gentle Touch of the Holy Spirit. Under this guise I was able to teach on the person of the Holy Spirit and minister in the release of his gifts for believers.

The Holy Spirit In the Cathedral

On my first Sunday Dean Koo allowed me to preach at the main service of the day. 400 to 500 people filling the cathedral stood when I asked whether they wanted to receive a blessing from the Holy Spirit. He came upon them in gentle power. Some gently fell back into the pews, some wept, all were touched and stood covered in His presence for some 15 minutes. How long they would have been enraptured with Him we do not know because we eventually had to move on with the service. On Maundy Thursday I was privileged to lead the congregation into a twenty four hour prayer vigil. The three hour watch service on Good Friday was part of this, the Dean led the first hour, I did the second hour and Archbishop Yong led the third hour.

Randy, the Archbishop and the Dean after the three hour service.

At 3 a.m. on Good Friday morning as part of the twenty four hour vigil, the Dean, his wife Margaret, myself and others from the congregation were led to pray around the bounds and the rooms of the cathedral to ‘cleanse’ the temple. This was a very moving and effective time of prayer.

Prayer for Healing

I was able to teach and minister on prayer for healing. Especially on release from ancestral ties, curses and genetic disorders. This included ministry to childless couples. We saw quite a number of healings. Charles’ back which had had a piece missing was straightened and made whole. Rosie’s had was healed. Joan’s back. Also somebody’s knees and various other things.

Occult connections

As a multi cultural society Sabah has many, many forms of religion. Quite a number of the Christians at some stage in lives have been involved with a variety of them. Many are of them involve consulting with ‘spirits’ through a ‘medium’ of some kind. This can involve curses, rituals, casting spells, drinking various concoctions and a whole host of things which are definitely not of our Lord Jesus. It was good to see people released from the bondage of these connections and we prayed in the authority of Jesus and cut all the spiritual and soul ties.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit and the gift of tongues

We saw a large number receive Baptism in the Spirit together with release of the gift of tongues. Especially amongst the Golden Saints.


In the sessions I ran on release of the prophetic gifts we saw many people, men and women realise that the could and do hear from the Lord.


Even at the Sunday morning youth service we had the pleasure of seeing 5 young people ask Jesus to be Lord in their lives.

Visiting and counselling

I was also able to undertake some home visits and individual counselling sessions. On one of these I had the pleasure of accompanying the wife of the Archbishop Mrs.Julia Yong who is deeply and actively involved in the work of the parish and the Diocese. She is a tremendous support to her husband travelling widely with him but is also sincerely concerned in local pastoral needs. Her Tuesday morning bible study group, at which I had the honour to teach, meets a great need for many ladies. She assists with the Wednesday night prayer time which has been running every Wednesday for 15 years and also gives her encouragement to the Golden Saints.

Mrs Chau

The indomitable Mrs. Chau undertook the task of oversight of my welfare and appointment book. She is a wonderful lady who made sure I was fed and cared for and that virtually every hour of my day was occupied with meaningful activity, teaching, preaching, visiting, ministering and socialising. Without her I would have been lost.

Mrs Chau

The Dean’s Cell

All the Cells ran an outreach meeting. The Dean’s cell barbecued a lamb on God Friday night. Four people asked Jesus to be Lord in their lives that night as the Dean led them in prayer.

Abraham, the Dean’s son and Randy scrub down the patio for the barbecue.

The Koo Family
Margaret Koo, Dean Koo, Sarah, Faith, Abraham

The Holiday Paradise of Kota Kinabalu

A wonderful climate, 5 star hotels, blue sea, tropical islands and sandy beaches.

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