Houston, 2006

Houston, 2006

Mission to St. John the Divine, Episcopal, Houston Texas

Revd.Randolph & Mrs Dorothy Vickers – Revd. Jack and Mrs Anna Marie Sheffield

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I think this was the fifth time we have been invited to speak and minister at this amazing Episcopal church in Houston. I know how daunting, all those years ago, that I found the long list of Doctors of Divinity on that first letter of invitation from the Revd. Laurens A. Hall, M.Div., D.D. Rector of St. John the Divine. Over the years I have appreciated how approachable they are and how they have accepted Dorothy and myself as good friends. The Mission was organised by Ellen and JB Mallay who once again hosted us with their wonderful brand of Texas hospitality. The theme. The theme which I felt that the Lord had given me for the mission was Light out of Darkness. My opening key note address which outlines what the Lord had been showing me during the months preceding the conference and which will undoubtedly continue to colour my thinking and acting is printed here. I feel sure that what I can only consider as this revelation from the Lord has grown out of walking alongside Dorothy as she has stayed so faithfully and steadfastly in the truth of the word – ‘that Jesus took all sickness and disease into Himself on the cross’ – during the 17 months since she was diagnosed with colon cancer and only felt at peace when she decided not to seek medical intervention of any kind. Then during my visit to Madagascar in April the Lord gave me deeper insight into myself.

Healings and gifts on the Thursday Working with Jack and Anna Marie Sheffield was a joy. They are wonderful people of God and have been involved in Jesus healing ministry for many years. They work with the Order of St.. Luke and are setting up Christ Healing Centres, the latest being in San Antonio. The four of us came together to Houston without any previous consultations because we wanted to be open to what the lord wanted to do. Jesus showed us that He was present in power on the Thursday evening when we met to share communion with the prayer team. Many of the team were healed that night and received gifts of the Spirit. I was led to state that ‘bad backs’ would be healed on Saturday morning.

Healings and gifts on the Friday Following the addresses from the platform we asked the Holy Spirit to come and anoint the congregation. I know that the Lord brought deep healing to at least two marriages that evening. There were many other physical healings and much healing of inner hurts that evening.

Healings and gifts on the Saturday So many people commented on how helped they were by Dorothy’s talks and how it seemed that she was talking directly to them alone and into their own situations. A number gave testimony to healings that they had received this weekend and on our past visits. One of these was Carol Pagnotta who was healed of cancer during one of our visits and whose story is detailed in my book. Carol and her husband gave thanks for the wonderful years of health following her healing. Mary Worthen told how her son had been released from deep despair and depression by the love of God as I held him all those years ago and is now a fine positive man. From the platform Jack and Anna Marie ministered inner healing and release from past oppressions into the gathering. Dozens of bad backs healed I remembered that the Lord had told me that bad backs would be healed. I asked all those with bad backs to stand – about 80 people stood up. I asked one of them to come up on the platform and with their aid I demonstrated how in the authority which Jesus has given us we can speak to the problem of bad backs and expect them to be healed. I then instructed those who were sitting to go to someone who was standing and minister to them in a similar fashion. It seemed as if they all received their healing. I certainly know that dozens did and they testified to that later in the day. Children and family ministry. This was mainly led by Jack and Anna Marie and mums and dads and their children were able to come together and dance and hug and laugh. Sunday Ministry Jack spoke and ministered in the morning to over 400 people. In the evening Dorothy and I ministered in the Sanctuary. God moved so beautifully and wonderfully.

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