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(added 06/05/2013)

We recently received this testimony from Colin who had been off work for some weeks but is now back at work. He has x-rays of his knee before and after and you can see all the ligaments healed!

(added 18/07/2011)

The team had a really good trip to Yeadon in West Yorkshire recently. Here are some testimonies we have received from that trip

(added 22/05/2011)

Following the team’s trip to Uganda in January, we have been receiving a number of testimonies. We will post them on their own page here as we receive them.

Bill was told he would never walk again.
(added 03/08/08)

Bill’s wife writes:- Subject: note re:Randy Vickers

Father Henry – I wanted to send this to Randy Vickers but was not able – can you assist? thanks I am writing regarding Randy Vickers visit to our church in Flower Mound, Texas. He completed a special home healing services for my husband Bill Robertson in Lewisville, Texas on February 24th of 2008. My husband had fallen in December of 2006 and sustained a spinal cord injury. He had been told he would never walk again. Randy laid hands on my husband and asked him “Bill do you think you will walk again?” and my husband answered “I will walk.” On March 11, 2008 Bill was admitted into the hospital with an infection at the site of his feeding tube. This infection required surgery on March 14, 2008. The following week the physical therapist used a special lift to aide my husband in standing. This was the first time in about 9 months since my husband had even stood and he stood for 5 minutes. We transferred his care to a rehabilitation hospital and on 4-1-2008 he walked 6-8 steps on the parallel bars.We give the thanks & glory to the Lord. Bill has continued to progress and today is at home using a walker. He was able to attend church on 7-13-08 for the first time in over a year. We know the Lord used Randy Vickers to heal and we are so thankful for each day.


Healing at St Hugh’s
(added 05/06/07)

I spotted this on the internet – It is a blog from someone at St. Hugh’s following the weekend that I did there. (where they use the term hopefully I would use this in the biblical meaning of ‘with eager anticipation’)

God is amazing, nothing can take away from that. He is great and He does things that we can’t even imagine.

I know that the people surrounding Jesus would have either been sceptics or in awe of the miracles. Today there are exactly the same kind of people. I, for one, skip from sceptic to awe depending on the day, and my mood… I am human!

Saturday morning I woke up scared and excited about what might happen during the day. Turns out there was no need to be really petrified.

Randolph Vickers sees healing as an everyday event, which happens to some people and not to others. He’s calm and knows that there is no formula to healing, but we can have a go. We have the power in us with the Holy Spirit to heal people. They come however they are, and hopefully go away better than they were.

Stories from the weekend include:

Healing of a relationship Many lower back pains healed Hips and backs realigned Dancing grandmas Releasing of demons and many people blessed by God’s presence.

The most confusing thing in the whole weekend was the idea that while this is an amazing thing, and lots of people can now move around without pain, it’s so ordinary. Almost like there is nothing to it, the best example I can think of is driving a car. I waited ages to learn to drive a car, the first few times I drove all alone were amazing, but now I drive everyday. It comes naturally.

God is amazing, nothing can take away from that. He is great and He does things that we can’t even imagine. (maybe thats all I need to understand right now)

Curvature of the spine
(added 06/05/07)

Having suffered with my back for about six months, I was diagnosed with curvature of the spine about three months ago. On the healing day, Randy asked us to write down what we felt like needed healing. An air head like me did not put down my curvature of the spine. But my, did I know as I was being prayed for by Stuart. The Lord seemed to straighten and stretch me. I felt ten foot tall. It was amazing and have had no pain since. Praise the Lord.

Healed of toothache
(added 24/02/07)

On a previous occasion I came to the Centre with toothache that I had had for 2 weeks. The first week the dentist filled a back tooth – the pain did not go away. The second week he filled the next tooth – the pain did not go away. The pain got worse. I came to Pam for healing and the Lord took the pain away. Praise the Lord

Healed of itchy red eyes
(added 24/02/07)

I came to worship – not to ask for anything but the words given to the team before I even got there, knew that I had painful itchy eyes. I went froward to claim the healing the Lord had offered through Randy and Pam. the itchiness ceased, the redness faded and the allergy had disappeared. Praise the Lord.

Flower Mound
(added 4/11/06)

During the weekend of September 23 & 24 2006 Randy and Dorothy went to Flower Mound Church in Texas. The church has supplied a number of testimonies which are all posted together on the Flower Mound testimonies page.

The burden of death and guilt lifted
(added 8/11/05)

Tonight I came with the burden of the death of my brother in my heart and on my shoulders. When he was burned in a fire and was very poorly – the people in ICU tried all ways to save his life – they tried, they found it hard because he was talking when he arrived but they had to sedate him. His condition was worsened over the 72 hours whilst I sat beside him. Out of the room, outside the hospital, eventually made the decision to withdraw intervention – he couldn’t get better – the hospital said we were willing him to survive but was just getting weaker each time. I wanted him to stop suffering and I have lived with the guilt and pain of that. Tonight I felt like God said ‘ get over the wall, stop digging away at one brick’! Also weepiness was mentioned – I have cried buckets for years. With prayer tonight I have listened to randy about bringing issues to the present and handing them to God! Tonight I have done this and could jump with joy. The burden has been lifted – I went outside and shouted ‘Thanks’ to the Lord!! WOW. Danie

Arthritis released through forgiveness and repentance
(added 8/11/05)

I went up for prayer re arthritis in the hands, God led me into a place of forgiveness towards family members, then repentance, then I felt the powerful wind in my face, I felt something lift off me and incredible sense of peace. Dawn.

Healed from the fear of water
(added 8/11/05)

The Lord has healed me from the fear of water which I have had since a small child. Praise the Lord. Ruth.

The spirit of despair has gone from me
(added 8/11/05)

I cried over a situation for several weeks and felt devastated that it happened. When I received prayer at the Healing Centre for this, the spirit of despair was broken. Since then I have not shed a tear over this particular situation, it is as though it never happened. I had allowed leaders of a church to have influence over my life and thoughts of how God viewed me, this was over a period of three to four years. It was condemning, judgmental and I had been treated unfairly, all of which was contrary to the word of God. As I received prayer a prophecy was spoken into the situation and helped towards the process of shattering the strongholds on my mind.

Healed from a car crash
(added 8/11/05)

I came to Beggars Roost for prayer after being in a car crash and suffering from Whip-Lash and Neck Strain. I was told I may be off work for 3 – 4 1/2 months at A&E. I had been off work for 5 weeks & had emergency physiotherapy plus loads of pain killers (Diazepam, Dyhydro-codeine, Ibuprofen, Codeine)

I was determined to receive my healing and my friends brought me – I went up for prayer and got healed. I felt like someone’s hand pulled a piece of string out of my back between my shoulder blades. I found this amazing as the sensation I’d felt at the crash was as if someone had sewed up my muscles in between my shoulder blades & pulled the string tight. I thank God for my healing & give Jesus all the Glory. Elaine

Charles Magee – lower back

This is a true testimony of God through Jesus working by the power of prayer. This is an accurate record of the events that took place to demonstrate how God supernaturally physically healed the undersigned’s lower back on Friday, 15th April 2005. Read on…

Healed of Cancer

Whilst we were in Laredo in August Priscilla asked us to pray for and when we reached San Antonio to visit her friend Rosario who was then in hospital with cancer. Priscilla and her church were already praying. By the time that we reached San Antonio they had sent Rosario home from hospital so we could not visit. Dorothy however phoned Rosario’s home and spoke with her husband every afternoon that we were over there and we all prayed. We have received this email from Priscilla:-

Subject: Miraculous healing
Well, I can hardly contain myself!!!! Please feel the ultimate joy I have through the “mails”………..ROSIE IS CANCER-FREE!! The last MRI revealed NO cancer in her pancreas, NO cancer in her liver, NO cancer in her kidneys! The doc assured her that she was NOT going to die!
PRAISE GOD for His miracle and for her testimony that will continue to change many people.
I stood up in church today and relayed this news while jumping up and down and crying – she is in the 2% of people with this type of cancer who survive. God obviously has a mighty purpose for her.
Please keep up your prayers for her stamina and physical strength to improve – she has literally been bed-ridden since June 24th and has great difficulty walking. Thanks, prayer warriors, for keeping the faith.
Isn’t God just so very, very good?
Ephesians 2:8 says…”for you have been healed by grace, through faith, but it is not through yourself, but from God!”
AMEN. Priscilla


Carol Pagnotto

Five months ago I had a mammogram done & it showed that I had a spot on my left breast. Several more mammograms were done at this time & I was told that I would be watched & that I should have another one done in six months. Read on…

Release from allergies.

Some of our team led a meeting at Trinity Methodist Church Hexham. A lady reported to Margot, one of our prayer team, that she stood proxy that night for her son who suffered from severe allergies. She stated that he can now eat anything at all.


Dorothy received a letter from a lady, following one of our trips abroad, thanking her for the prayer time that she gave this lady and blessing the ministry of the centre. After talking with Dorothy the lady has been using Liberty’s prayers and witnessed amazing reconciliation in her family. Constantly we receive witness after witness to the fact that prayer does work even when the people for whom we are praying do not know about it.

Nancy Blaylock

Nancy came to the centre with her ankles swollen and having great difficulty in sleeping. She rang the next mornoing to say that the swelling in her ankles had gone down and she had enjoyed her best sleep for weeks.


She wrote to say thank you for the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit that she received. She wrote ‘it has made me feel a different person‘.

From Pam

I have been a compulsive eater since I was a small child and was sexually abused by my brother. I would eat large quantities of food at a time – cakes, cookies, chips – whatever I could get to eat until I was stuffed and sick. I would agonize about my weight and my body – it was an endless, painful cycle that years of therapy and prayer could not seem to break. Dorothy prayed with me about my compulsive eating. Ever since the night she prayed, I have not overeaten – not had any desire to overeat. I had been to therapists, to 12 step groups, to ministers, to conferences – all trying to figure out how to break out of this painful cycle. I had even concluded that overeating was my thorn in the flesh. The Lord has healed me. Thanks be to God.

A Houston Testimony

Dear Ellen,

Sorry to take so long to get this to you. If I don’t do it now you won’t get it for a couple of weeks. These are a few of my experiences.

The Vickers influence started last year when he gave the very last sermon Sunday night and only one I was able to attend, but I did buy the tape. His sermon answered the question that I had experience in my work of why the body is healed, but the mind doesn’t know it or why does the person responding in the same old pattern. In the tapes he suggested that we read the book called “The Good News That no Body Wants to Know.” by Tom Jewett. I bought the book, took several weeks to open it up, but when I did, it started nailing me to the wall and caused me really look at my self. I have read the book almost 4 times. It explained what happens…  Read on…

Veronica Grants Testimony

August 10th

David Vickers spoke about fear, something that was so real in my life – the word really touched my heart. Read on…

Cancer relief

Rena who has battled through 3 different bouts of cancer and who has been a particular part of our team’s prayer concern came to the centre on Thursday (25th May) and told how the Lord had held and ministered His Grace to her throughout this last battle. Until she had now been declared free and clear of the disease.

Released from pain to Leap and Dance and praise the Lord.

This is living in the Kingdom now. Althea came to a Thursday evening service in April with friends from Heaton Baptist Church. Althea was ministered to by Margot and David and was completely released from Spondylosis. Read on…

Althea (centre) with David & Margot

Sandra Stuart

“Dear Randy and Dorothy, Please forgive me that I have not written down the following major events that I have experienced during my visits to the healing Centre and Conferences. In addition to these events most weeks I have received Inner Healing for a ‘ broken heart’ and several events during my childhood and recently a word about a new job that God had for me. Read on…

Peggy Hewitson

Wednesday 26th may 1999

I was brought to Beggars Roost by Sandra in the early part of 1998.

At that time, I had been told by Doctors and Specialists, that I might require By Pass surgery for the heart condition I had, which had worsened over the years, and it was diagnosed that I had developed Rheumatic Heart disease. Read on…


Cecil is well in his seventies and some friends had brought him to the centre whilst Dorothy and I were away on holiday. Cecil was riddled with arthritis. The team had prayed for him over the weeks covering his time as a machine gunner in the war and praying through his fears, his guilt, his forgiveness etc. On Thursday 1st April on our first night back at the centre I asked if I could pray with him and it took two of us to get him out of his chair and help him shuffle into a suitable spot. I laid hands on his pelvic area which was the most painful centre of his disability and started to speak to the condition. Within a short time he was lying on the floor in the Holy Spirit. He lay with the Lord for over ten minutes or more. Margot and I helped him to his feet and I started to encourage him to do things which had previously been impossible for him, such as bend and stretch, lift his knees. Soon his brain started catching on to the fact that he was doing these things without pain and so I started to march round the room left, right, left, right and Cecil followed starting to grin. As Annie and Elke worshipped we started to dance to the praise music and the ladies who had brought Cecil to the centre started to dance with him too. Cecil was delighted and when he left for home he walked without help. He promised that the next morning he would swing his legs out of bed before his mind tried to tell him that he could not do that.