Revd. Randolph Vickers, M.A.


randyBorn on Tyneside in 1936 – baptised and confirmed in the Anglican Church – left school at 16.

Worked as a bank clerk: National Service in RAF in Hong Kong as a Chinese linguist.

Worked in selling and management in UK and West Africa with several  Unilever companies. Then – Smith and Nephew :  Rocket of London Ltd  from whom we subsequently  separated into our own family company as Rand Rocket Ltd. Rand Rocket is still in business under the leadership of our son David.

In the midst of all of this I married Dorothy and we were blessed with three great sons, Michael, David, Paul and 7 wonderful  grandchildren

In 1975 following David becoming a Christian and praying for us, Dorothy and I accepted Jesus as Lord and were born again at St. Hugh’s Lewsey, under the ministry of Colin Urquhart .

Colin then prayed with us for baptism in the Holy Spirit and we were immediately plunged into Jesus’ ministry of preaching the gospel, proclaiming the Kingdom and healing the sick.

Studied with St Alban’s Ministerial Training Scheme and was ordained in 1980 and priested in 1982 into non-stipendiary ministry to work in business and the church.

Involved in running Pentecost Praise services in St. Alban’s Abbey and Renewal Groups in Herts and Beds.

Greatly involved with the FGBMFI in UK and other countries.

1991 given a vision to start The Northumbrian Centre of Prayer for Christian Healing which is now under the directorship of David and his wife Karen. Thousands have seen healing and salvation through this team ministry.

M.A in Practical Theology in 1996 at Newcastle university

Published “The Anointing to Heal” and “9 Modules of Christian Healing”.

Over the years we have led Healing and teaching missions in UK , USA, Bahamas, Kuwait, Sabah, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Madagascar, Korea, Germany.

Dorothy sadly died of cancer which was a great and severe loss – not just to me and the family but to hundreds and hundreds of people who had been touched by her ministry.

In 2008 I married my lovely wife Jennifer and we continue to minister and to see Jesus heal.