Our Training Programmes

Annual Healing Conference  

Each year we set aside one weekend to come more intimately before Father God and allow Him to open us up more to Himself. This is held at Minsteracres Monastery, Consett, Co Durham.

Defeating our Inner Strongholds Weekend

We all have areas of unyieldedness to God in our lives – Strongholds.  The teaching and practical ministry over the weekend will open us up to recognise them and give us skills to begin to overcome them.  A journey into greater and greater freedom from doubts, brokenness, fears  begins here.  The feedback from each time we run this course clearly shows it is, without doubt, a truly life-changing weekend.

Nine Basic Modules

Designed for all those interested in learning the basics about Jesus’ ministry of healing.

Part of the Centre’s vision is to equip the Saints for the work of ministry in the area of healing. We have identified nine key areas, which we see as basic modules for everyone involved in the healing ministry. Each one is written as a separate, stand-alone module and together they build into a complete basic programme. And we stress that this is a basic programme.  As our vision in teaching these courses is about equipping the Saints for ministry (not just teaching on it), these 2½ hour sessions will include elements of appraisal and activation.

Introduction to Prophecy 

A basic introduction to prophecy.  To be able to speak out in the Lord’s name we firstly need to be certain it is His voice we are hearing.  Then we need to have the confidence to speak out what we’ve heard – words of healing, direction, encouragement and so on.  This teaching will open up to you this very important ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Going Deeper in Prophecy 

This course builds on the ‘Introduction to Prophecy’ course by going deeper and drawing us nearer to the heart of God.  We will learn how meditation on God’s word and worship are important elements enabling us to be grounded in the love, grace and rhythm of God.

Models of Ministry Expanded

A practical day learning how to move in the Holy Spirit’s power as we examine the methods, revealed in scripture, that Jesus used during His ministry of healing.  Having a whole day gives us a greater opportunity to explore and have a go at associated practices such as catching, aligning the skeleton, anointing with oil and much more.

Creative Retreats

Using art and craft to explore spirituality and open ourselves up to God, these days are non threatening and hugely rewarding.  Suitable for both the absolute beginner and those with experience.

The Powerful Role of Praise & Worship in the Christian’s Life

Even just a cursory reading of the bible shows that praise and worship are hugely important.  But why? What is going on when Christians worship on their own or together?  How do you do it properly?  What’s it all about anyway?  Why did the walls of Jericho fall down?  Is it important for me?  A 3 part course where we explore the importance of praise & worship and their vital importance for each Christian.  Absolutley no experience needed.

Motivational Gifts

What are motivational gifts?  This teaching will enable you to identify your particular God given gift – that which makes you ‘tick’ – so that you’ll better know who you are and why you do things the way you do.  Also you’ll learn about the giftings of others so that all may operate and flow together with freedom in the body of Christ.

Going Deeper in Arts in Worship

Designed for all those who want to experience God moving in their lives in  ways other than only listening to the preaching of the word.  We will use a variety of media –  clay, silk painting, music, etc. – to explore our creativity and allow God’s Spirit to flow in healing spirit, soul & body.  The morning will be spent in understanding the influence of the Holy Spirit in our creativity with opportunity to explore that through the various visual/music media.  The afternoon will be spent in an atmosphere of live music worship where we will have opportunity to express our creativity and experience God’s healing.

Quiet Days

We live in an ever busier and noisier world.  Too often we do not have time to step back and recharge our spirits and souls.  Our quiet days throughout the year are designed to give just that opportunity.  We hope those who come will have time to reflect and refocus on the important things.

Pathways to God – an introduction to the bible

For many the bible and studying it is seen as dull or only for the elite intellectuals.  This course will open up even the most clueless beginner to the hidden joys of seeing the bible come alive and will give an excitement about finding the gems that God has put in it for us to dig out.

Going deeper in bible study

Building on ‘Pathways to God’ this course will take you deeper into the joy and delight using the many bible study tools available brings.  A 3 part series that assumes a basic understanding of the bible and leads to understanding the tools available to us to really get to grips with the word of God for ourselves, through teaching, group work, prayerful meditation.  There are elements of work to do between sessions helping us both to become familiar with the teaching and then to share the riches we have discovered.

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