Karen Vickers

Director (B.A.; Dip A Th)


karenOriginally from South Yorkshire from a Christian family, I became a Christian in my teens and am very grateful for my Christian heritage which goes back for many generations.

I studied Fine Art and Textile arts (B.A in Creative Arts), and then Art Therapy (Post Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy). I worked for several years in the areas of mental health and with people with learning difficulties. I lived in Hertfordshire in the early and mid eighties, then married David in 1987 and moved to Bedford. A year later we moved up to the North East of England. David and I ran two youth groups and became Local Preachers in the Methodist church in the 1990s.

For the past twenty six years I have been teaching textile arts privately to groups and also run creativity and spiritually groups. God heals in so many ways and one of those ways is through art. I have a passion for God and a passion for the creative visual arts and for prophetic art.

I also work as an artist. In 2003 we were blessed with the birth of our daughter, Lucy, she loves to dance and pray for healing for people. Our call to run the Healing Centre came unexpectedly in 2000 and we consider it a very great privilege. We love seeing Jesus heal people and love seeing people come to know Him and seeing others entering into a deeper relationship with him. We have a wonderful team of committed people at the Healing Centre and we all consider it a privilege to serve God in this way.