Houston, 2000

Houston, 2000

Jesus ministered so powerfully yet with such gentleness and grace through His Holy Spirit. 

The Conference at St. John the Divine Episcopal Church, Houston was 10 days of intensive teaching and ministry. The Staff of St. John the Divine both ordained and lay, supported and enabled the success of the mission in every way possible. The St. John Prayer Ministry Team fasted and prayed this mission into being and held all of us in prayer throughout the time. Our sincere thanks go out to them from The Northumbrian Centre of Prayer for Christian Healing.

Randy & Dorothy at 11am service

I must pay tribute to both the worship leaders and the two bands of musicians and singers. The finale to the 11am service on the second Sunday with Buzz and his Band playing and singing The Days of Elijah together with Marie’s dance worship group on stage and dancing through the congregation was one of the most wonderful experiences of worship in which I have ever had the joy of taking part. I think it expressed the whole meaning of the theme of the conference and was a true taste of really Living in God’s Kingdom – Now.

Dorothy, Randy, Annie and Clive spoke and ministered on Living in the Kingdom Now for two weekends, Friday evening through Saturday and then at 3 services on the first Sunday and one service on the second Sunday. The 11am services and ministry lasted until 4.30pm and the 6pm services until midnight.

Grooup photo of Ellen Mallay, Randy Vickers, Dorothy Vickers, J.B.Mallay, Annie Barr, Clive Barr
(From left to right): Ellen Mallay, Randy Vickers, Dorothy Vickers, J.B.Mallay, Annie Barr, Clive Barr

On the second Friday night the Holy Spirit was present so powerfully that Randy cancelled the second teaching session, gave a couple of people the opportunity to testify to what the Lord had done for them and then asked the Holy spirit to minister in healing. The ministry continued powerfully until 1.30am.

On the Monday we also had the privilege of speaking at the Women’s Aglow Breakfast and on the Monday evening to the Stephen’s Ministers. These two groups are all reaching out largely to the unchurched to tell them about Jesus and to care for them in their suffering and so it really was an honour to be able to spend time with such devoted workers.

The Retreat Conference at Camp Allen was something special. None of our Diocesan Retreat Centres in the UK can compare with the facilities and comfort of 5 star Camp Allen. We interwove teaching on The Prophetic with Healing the Wounded Human Spirit. This would possibly have been better over a couple more days to enable the delegates both to absorb and comprehend the information more fully and also to receive ministry as the import stirred hurt places within them. However, many were released into the prophetic to a degree they had not imagined was possible. Others were beautifully healed deep within.

Some of the testimonies will be printed from time to time on testimony page. For instance we were told of a lady,with cancer, who attended some of the sessions and when she went to the hospital that week for her routine check up they found the tumours were reduced by 80%.


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