Again in Laredo

Again in Laredo

The Mission started well with a service at The Church of the Crossroads. The church is led by Sandra and Norman Howell with Sandra’s brother Jerry baker as co-pastor. Sandra and Norman previously were involved in a well-known itinerant evangelistic ministry before coming to Laredo to start the present church. This is quite an amazing ministry reaching out in mission especially to Mexico but last year a large party visited Europe.

They took the gospel onto the streets in Europe using song, dance, story, costume and drama and have seen many many people come to Christ through their ministry.

Our mission in the First Presbyterian Church got underway on the Monday night when I introduced the fundamental teachings on the Human Spirit Although this first session seemed rather heavy we saw people starting to open up I their spirits as the week went on on we looked into nurturing the spirit and linked this with the prophetic and breaking down strongholds. We saw the Lord at work in healing Lisa’s neck and her spirit being released from trauma, Brian’s shoulder was helped, Jean was touched,

Lisa and Chooch have been ministering to the homeless. One of them was touched and when Lisa got in touch with his sister he agreed to go back to Corpus Christi and go into a detox centre. Praise the Lord for these young women.

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