There was a prophetic word Summer…

There was a prophetic word Summer…

There was a prophetic word Summer last year, “It’s time to find somewhere quieter”. This word was for me.  Pam prayed with me and she described where I lived at that time and the house that God had for us.

Over the past year the Lord has given me many words of encouragement regarding a new home, especially from the people at the Healing Centre, both team and visitors.

In May this year I felt the Lord say I should go to the art table at the Centre.  I then drew a house, it had a purple roof. Karen remarked on the house and the purple roof.  I took the drawing home and started to look for a new house.  I did see a house that looked like the drawing and made an appointment to view it.  It was a complicated purchase and remarkably we moved in and took possession in late August. This whole move has been by the hand of God. In the natural we would not have been able to look at a house like this, but God has moved miraculously on our behalf.  Thanks be to God and to all who had prophetic words, words of encouragement, and the prayers that God answered. Thank you.


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