During a recent shopping trip…

During a recent shopping trip…

During a recent shopping trip with two members from the Healing Centre Team, Karen and Annie, I tried on some trousers and Annie noticed the deformity of my left leg.  This had been caused by an accident in 1986 when I twisted the knee and tore the ligaments, resulting in many years of pain and suffering and a foot that was wrongly positioned and stuck out, which used to get caught on things and I would trip up.  Although the Lord had strengthened the leg and taken away the pain, it was still wrongly positioned.  Annie said you need to get that healed.

During the teaching of the 9 Basic Modules Randy was teaching on skeleton realignment.  He had already carried out a demonstration and was winding up for the evening, and I interrupted as I was desperate not to let the opportunity to be healed go by.

Randy prayed for me and they watched my foot turn inwards.  My leg has been realigned to where it was prior to the accident in 1986.  Praise God.

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