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Veronica's testimony

David Vickers spoke about fear, something that was so real in my life - the word really touched my heart. 

Veronica holding crutch standing next to Connie
Veronica (left) with Connie.

After the meeting there was a ministry time, I went forward for prayer for one thing about the pains in my shoulder and my left arm. As David asked my name and what was wrong with me, I felt myself sharing about how I wanted God's will, plan and purpose for my life. The anointing of God was strong upon David. He prayed and touched upon things in my life that the Lord could only know. I really felt the power of prayer. David touched upon areas in my life right back to when I was a child. - How I had been rejected and physically abused as a child even by my own mother and marital relationships. I knew this was God, he spoke about the all the negative things that had been said and done in the past, even the part where I had been told I was useless, ugly, worthless and how I was told no-one could love me because I was dirt. - These were things that I had taken in and believed. I did not even think that God could love me. As David prayed for me I felt so weak and unclean I nearly fell to the floor. David put his arms around me and said it is okay I've got you, I'm your Heavenly Father. He explained that God was holding me in His loving arms - I felt just like a child again. David prayed over me for all the hurts to be healed even from the time that of my mother had abused me over the back with a poker when I was 14 years old. I had not been able to forgive her. By this time I was in tears. My back and legs were in terrible pain and I felt so weak I could not stand. Two other people were behind me praying - David 's wife Karen and another David, who said God had just shown him a temple with two pillars at the front cracked but God was going to restore it. I knew God was speaking to me because in God's eyes we are His temple. I had suffered for 14 years with dislocated knee caps which had healed the wrong way and I knew God would heal them this time. As I was weeping David said God loves you and you are beautiful to Him and all these negative things that you were told in the past were lies to rob you of your joy. David began to break the word areas of my life and what power and love I felt. The next thing I felt was the Holy Spirit in me - warm gentle and loving. David and Karen were praying for me as I was on the floor. He prayed from the feet upwards, commanding everything that was in my body, soul, spirit and mind to come into line with God. I knew this was God because David did not know about my mental health problems (I have been attending a mental health [place for three years). As I was prayed for I felt my limbs moving. I was actually able to bend my knees after a lot of struggling and pain. It was hard to explain how I felt but to put in words it felt like heaven on earth- no pain, no worries, no heartache - I felt so different, so peaceful and relaxed. These are some of the things that I felt before prayer - frightened, depressed, worthless, ugly, ashamed and discontented. But after prayer I was a different woman. God had taken away the ugliness and given me beauty; He took away the dirtiness and made me feel clean. He took away the depression and gave me a clear mind, He took away my negatives and gave me positives, He took away the hurts and gave me healing, He took away my unforgiveness and gave me a forgiving heart, He took away my anger and gave me peace, He took away all my rejection and made me feel loved, special and part of a family and to be wanted and needed. God really did a work on me that night. He healed my wounded spirit, heart, body and soul. Now I know that I am in His will, purpose and plan for my life. People noticed a change in me straight away. Dorothy asked how I felt, I was too overwhelmed I could hardly speak. David spoke to me afterwards and said that he does not usually pray for people from the feet up to the top of the head! Praise God David was obedient to the Lord - just think of all the blessing I would have missed out on. Now I can go for short walks, do a little exercise and give God the glory for the things that He has done in me and He can do the same for you.