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Testimonies from the Uganda trip, January 2011

Here's a testimony we received from Uganda last week.

God bless you for the healing centre and the ministry at large. Since you left, reports have been coming to me as testimonies.

  1. A woman by names Theresa was healed from Ania. she is a member in my church
  2. A woman who brought her children to the Crusade when they were tormented by demons were also healed.
  3. The O/C Police Kayunga, since you left God is using him mightly in Miracles and started a ministry of praying for the sick in the hospital.
  4. Elim Church in Busaana being pastored by Pr. Akibua Jackson has adopted the meditation way of listening from God and they have seen it working and they say God bless sister Palma.
  5. Here at Kanjuki things have changed greatly, many unbelievers flop at our home for being prayed for example a woman came to our home after being bewitched when she had a four month pregnancy and the pregnancy had disappeared since April 2010 but when we prayed for her she is expecting a child from now.