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Released from pain to Leap and Dance and praise the Lord.

This is living in the Kingdom now. Althea came to a Thursday evening service in April with friends from Heaton Baptist Church. Althea was ministered to by Margot and David and was completely released from Spondylosis. 

Althea (centre) with David & Margot
Afterwards she described to me the condition that she was in when she arrived that Thursday. She said it was as if she had a steel bar right across her shoulders another down her spine and another across her hips. She was in great pain all the time and could not bend, stretch, move or barely walk without pain. She certainly could not lie flat on the floor never mind get up again. The Holy Spirit put her flat out on the floor where she lay for a long time. Then she was helped to her feet. I looked round to see who the woman was who was shouting singing and dancing to find it was Althea. She was doing all the things that she could not do. Touching her toes bending from the hips. Raising her knees high as she danced. And above all stretching up her arms to wave her hands in the air as she praised the Lord. She and her friends did not stop dancing and singing and praising for about an hour or more and would not have stopped then if we had not needed to close for the night. On the right is a photograph of Althea as she praised.