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Sandra Stuart

"Dear Randy and Dorothy, Please forgive me that I have not written down the following major events that I have experienced during my visits to the healing Centre and Conferences. In addition to these events most weeks I have received Inner Healing for a ' broken heart' and several events during my childhood and recently a word about a new job that God had for me.

1997 On my first visit to the Centre Randy announced that the Lord was going to heal someone of an itching scalp. That happened to be me and it used to drive me to distraction. Same visit – I had been involved in a car accident which damaged my back – Musculo–ligamentous strain of the lower back. I had prayer and God healed it too-100%. A Thursday evening in July 1997. Mobility limited due to a knee injury and slight back problem (as above). The Lord had strengthened my back again this night and also healed my leg so that my mobility was far better than it had been for many years. The following day when I went to work my manager told me out of the blue that I was to visit every shop in Newcastle over the next few days. (Boy was I relieved that I felt better that morning) I was sent out first thing and returned to the office at 4.30pm. If this event had happened pre this healing, I would not have made it past lunchtime and would have had to lie down for the rest if the day, as my back and leg would have been very painful and I would have been completely exhausted. After the weekend I was sent out again for another couple of days – Praise God I was fine.

Conference 97 - Inner Healing received for psychological effects of having had two car accidents (head on crashes) Forgiveness able to be given to the two drivers who had crashed into my car. Able to drive in the dark again- without fear. August 98 I had been in deep depression since march 98 and was on sick leave for 5 months it was so bad. At the start of the meeting Randy said ' someone would be healed of depression to night'. Joan had received this word. I spoke to Joan and she told me that as she had walked past me earlier that evening she had a picture of a spider's web that was so thick that she couldn't see through it. Actually as Joan walked past me I had my eyes closed and saw a picture of a big black hairy spider's leg with a hook on the end (like a barbed hook). As Joan walked past me the picture was squashed and as it was so vivid to me I felt that I had been squashed and I crunched up. Joan prayed for me and the depression lifted. I knew I would be healed that day. I had watched Benny Hinn on TV that morning and when he said this is your day for healing I knew that I would be healed that day. The following week I went to see my counsellor, who discharged me from her caseload, as I was better (healed)

October/ November 98. Brought my mum to the Centre- she is not a Christian- she witnessed what Randy said at the beginning of the service ' there is someone here that is facing a lawsuit, the Lord has said 'Not to worry it is settled'. I had prayer as I had a court case pending where I was pursuing personal injury compensation. The other side would not pay up so my solicitor advised we go to court. Although the accident was not my fault I was terrified at the prospect of appearing at court. About three weeks went by and my solicitor rang me to say that he could not believe it, but the other side had come back with an offer, also he was flabbergasted at how much they were willing to offer. I told him about God's word for me that it was settled and to accept what they offered (at this point my solicitor was still insisting and directing me to go to court.) Again I said that God has said that it is settled and accept. I don't know what my solicitor said to the other side, but they came back with an offer for further costs of 470.00. Randy and |Dorothy I must report that the sum that God had arranged for me without going to court was in fact the same figure that my solicitor had said (if we went to court) with the additional 470.00

November 98 Conference – Trevor Dearing – Deliverance – May 99 still delivered and forever.

1999. Start of the evening Randy announced that Joan had a picture of an accident where someone had fallen. He described what she had seen and I knew it was the accident Trevor my husband had at work in 1985, in which he sustained a serious head and wrist injury. Joan prayed for Trevor and he has not taken a painkiller or complained of his wrist since. (I check up every now and again) Apart from my own healing I have brought along a number of people who have received healing also. E.g. Peggy who is going to write about the by pass operation she did not have to have.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for opening the doors each Thursday evening, so that anyone can enter into God's healing presence, for your teaching and your hospitality. Many thanks to you both and to God. God bless you both and the team. Kindest Regards. Sandra Stuart."