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Peggy Hewitson

Wednesday 26th may 1999

I was brought to Beggars Roost by Sandra in the early part of 1998.

At that time, I had been told by Doctors and Specialists, that I might require By Pass surgery for the heart condition I had, which had worsened over the years, and it was diagnosed that I had developed Rheumatic Heart disease.

I was referred to the Heart Specialist at the Royal Victoria Infirmary who confirmed this condition., who sent me to the Freeman Hospital, in April 1998 to have an Angiogram examination. I attended this examination after my visit to Beggars Roost. The following morning after the examination, I was told by the Doctors that they had decided not to go ahead with surgery and sent me home the same day and gave me a Nitrolingal Spray, which I have never needed to use at all.

Today when I visited the RVI for a further check up, I was told by the specialist Dr. Adams that although they'd found two small heart murmurs, this did not warrant surgery. last Thursday I came to the Healing Centre with Sandra because I had developed bad feet and legs due to Diabetes, I can't walk very far without getting severe pain in my legs which is due to lack of circulation.

I really felt the power of God when I was prayed for and fell to the floor under His Mighty Power and when I tried to get up from the floor, I was literally staggering under God's Mighty Power. I am now believing that God will put these leg problems right, also I believe there is healing in His Atonement as well as salvation. By His Stripes we are healed.

Peggy Hewitson.