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A Houston testimony

Dear Ellen,

Sorry to take so long to get this to you. If I don't do it now you won't get it for a couple of weeks. These are a few of my experiences.

The Vickers influence started last year when he gave the very last sermon Sunday night and only one I was able to attend, but I did buy the tape. His sermon answered the question that I had experience in my work of why the body is healed, but the mind doesn't know it or why does the person responding in the same old pattern. In the tapes he suggested that we read the book called "The Good News That no Body Wants to Know." by Tom Jewett. I bought the book, took several weeks to open it up, but when I did, it started nailing me to the wall and caused me really look at my self. I have read the book almost 4 times. It explained what happens with broken hearts, family curses, etc., gave me a lot of insight on how to change and grow. I have given the book to 2 other people, one person grew from the book and has been in touch with Tom Jewett. This person has grown in his faith and life.

I was able to attend more of the sessions this time. I rejoice in the fact, that I don't have to remember everything every time. It was wonder to see Randolph not remember prayers, etc., and still be love by the Lord and know it was OK. It was comforting to talk to Randolph about some of the questions I had about Tim Jewett's book, to have him pray over me. He also told me that I would have flowers blooming next year in a flower bed that I had not been able to grow anything in. The next day I was at Tea's Nursery in the Back 40 section. Some bushes caught my attention and I brought them home, set them in this flower bed until I decided where I was going to put them. I was looking at them the next day and something told me to plan one in this bed and in this spot. I had never been able to dig in this bed because it is right next to a big tree with lots of big roots. Guess what, I was able to dig the hole big enough to plant this bush in. A miracle, I think so.

It was wonderful to see the changes going on, especially in me and my family. Thank all of you for all the work that went into bring the Vickers back to Houston and St. John the Divine.

Beverly Swope