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Flower Mound Church, Texas

Apart from the names which have been reduced to initials, these testimonies reproduced verbatim and unabridged as received at the Centre:

Blessings Received

During the weekend of September 23 & 24, The Rev. Randy and Mrs. Dorothy Vickers, founders of the Northumbrian Centre for Prayer and Christian Healing, were invited to be with us to teach about how the healing power of Godís love can touch our hearts, minds, and even our physical bodies. During this time, they offered ministry to the members of our church family.

Following the weekend, members were invited to tell of their own experiences of receiving Godís blessings so that everyone in our church family might share in giving thanks to God. Below are several testimonies from church members who were blessed in a variety of ways.

In one sense they are diverse, yet they all bear witness to the amazing love of God for each of us.


I was born on September 23, 1969. For the better part of 30+ yrs I lived my life for myself and for what I thought others thought of me. September 24th 2006 I was saved, and my life is now changed. I felt the spirit of God come into my heart through Randy Vickers.

Until then, I felt guilt and shame. On this Sunday at St. Nicholas with others as my witness I didnít know, I felt this pain leave my heart, and the spirit of God come into me. I had never believed or thought something like this was possible. I remember walking into Church that morning before the 10:30 am service and seeing two women laid out on the ground, and I thought to myself, here we go. I thought all the time I had enjoyed so far as a new member at St. Nicholas was about to end. I was waiting for the snakes to come out and bodies to start dropping like you see on TV with that little man in the white suit. I said to myself; that would never be me on the ground. How prideful and wrong I was.

My thoughts changed as we sang the entry song, and I could feel something different inside starting to say, God is Here, and I felt it. Then when Fr. Henry asked us to sing the song again, I thought it was like something or someone was speaking to me directly. I listened intently to Randy during his talk slowly I could feel the skepticism leaving. Before the close of the service, I donít know why or how, I made my way to the back of the Church and watched intently as Randy spoke to two other women. Again I felt some skepticism and pre-judged what I was seeing, but for some reason I stayed and watched. When he was done, he ran up front and got a couple of people and came to me and asked me what he could do. I felt emotion come over me like never before. I poured out to him my wish to heal my heart from all the pain, anger and fear I have felt for so long. I didnít want to feel like that anymore as it has seemed like a long-long life already. He began to pray over me, and he asked me to give to God my troubles. I did. He asked me to forgive those who had hurt me so long ago. I have. I felt his hands over me, and I felt energy and power like never before. I remember not hearing anything else but my words and his as we prayed. He asked for the spirit to come into my heart and fill it with His love. Then what came next was nothing short of indescribable, my eyes were closed - my whole body warm, and I saw the most perfect bright light I had ever seen. Next thing I know I was on the ground. Flat on my back, just like I said I would never be. I remember laying there in the calmest euphoric state I had ever felt. Gone was my fear and anxiety, in its place complete peace Iíve never felt before. The absolute first thing that came to my thoughts on the ground when the sounds around me came back, was a little voice in my head that said exactly this Ė You have a second chance, now what are you going to do with it?

Since that morning, I have felt nothing but peace. I have not dwelled on the idea that it shouldnít or couldnít or why it happened to me. Despite all the things I may have or have not done, what others thought of me hasnít concerned me.

Now I am starting to see clearly what living each day with a servantís heart can be all about. My heart and mind races with ideas on how I can take advantage of what time on earth I have left, to listen for what God always intended for me. I think today, for what I understand, it is to be His servant. To be the husband and father He gave me the chance to be. To be the spiritual leader of my family, the protector and provider till my last breath. To help those who canít be helped and give hope to those that have no hope. I will follow my Savior and my heart to be that type of a servant. Now and forever, I have pledged to not waste the second chance I have been given.

I am not sure of what the future holds or what tomorrow will bring. I donít expect that each day wonít bring new challenges or tests to keep that calm spirit within me. However, I do know one thing Ė I can be content, my heart is calm, my thoughts are now of a day to come when I can walk with Him, by His side. He wonít have to carry me anymore. My tears and pain are gone. I am surrounded in my heart by His glory, and when we meet on my knees I will fall and I will sing halleluiah. I will ask to be judged as a good man who served and loved God with a new heart.

I canít express more deeply the love and affection I have for my wife, for my children and the church community at St. Nicholas. How special it was to have my wife with me who has prayed for many years to have God come into my life, and heal me. You all have made the difference in me. Most especially, I praise God for the gift Randy Vickers and his wife have to direct the spirit and love of God into others. They provided the funnel for something so beautiful I can not ever repay them or God for.

Peace and calm in my heart.


As I was sitting listening to Mr. Vickers speaking before the healing portion of the night, I felt such a strong presence of God in the church it was almost difficult to sit still. I was immediately reminded of the story about when Jesus was in the house and the man on the mat could not get in. They cut a hole in the roof and let him down.. What I was reminded of was the portion where it says healing was present (paraphrased). That night healing was present.

As Mr. Vickers read the list, I heard the last one, the neurological issues that cause confusion. That was (past tense now) me. I knew that God has specifically spoken that one out to the Prayer team for me.

I was laid hands on by Mr. Vickers and he spoke through the Holy Spirit things about me (regarding the source of the problems) that he in no way could have known. He spoke them with clarity as if I had told him my life's story.

He prayed over it and I have had since 9:15 PM on Sunday night two of the best days of my life. The issues that were present are gone. I am healed. As far as I'm concerned Jesus (as he has 2x before in my life) touched me and healed my body. Praise God! As of that time I know I will never experience those issues again.

Thank you for inviting him and his wife in. I hope we have more healing services at the church because just the small amount that the Holy Spirit did in peopleís lives was beyond comprehension and only testifies to Jesus Lordship.

Praise God - I am healed.


For me, I found myself drawn to scripture in new ways.

Randy quoted several passages I had not been familiar with. They blessed me. I am finding that I have since explored these and other passages. I would say that since last weekend the Holy Spirit has drawn me more into God's word with new energy.

I am thankful for this continuing revelation.


I had been suffering from increasing right lower back pain for most of 2006. Had seen a chiropractor in June whom took x-rays and said "Your spine is a mess; its a wonder you got this far without pain." Too much curve in my lower back and too little curve in my neck and 2 different areas where my spine was rotated slightly on its axis. The combination was leaving a pinched nerve on my right lower back. I had been seeing the chiropractor every week for 3 months --- at the Sunday night service Joyce and Carl prayed over me and God healed my back!! Pain free for the past 5 days for the first time in 2006.

However, I am experiencing even much more JOY over the deep healing that took place in my own heart through watching and listening to ministry through Dorothy Vickers on Thursday through Sunday evenings. I have never felt at home with anyone more in the depths of my heart as when listening to her share, admonish and minister.

What an absolute DELIGHT and GIFT the weekend was from our loving, gracious, gentle, kind and caring heavenly Father.


I had the opportunity to visit with the Randy and Dorothy Vickers last weekend. We discussed communication with God and his healing power which is not only physical but includes emotional and spiritual healing as well.

I was encouraged in my faith by the words and more importantly the actions of the Vickers's and their friend Nora over the course of the weekend. God made it clear to me during the Sunday evening service that the hindrance in my communication with Him was a result of my guilt from actions in the past action and my unbelief the he would forgive me. I also did not truly believe he would answer my prayers.

The Holy Spirit enabled me to confess, accept his forgiveness, and truly feel God's desire for my well being. I was spiritually healed. I specifically prayed for physical healing of my joints and ligaments especially around my ankle and feet. At the time we were praying I did not notice an immediate difference however, I in faith have claimed healing. It has now been 4 days since we asked God for healing and I have not had any issue with my ankles or feet. They look and feel as though there has never been a problem.

Praise God !!!!


This week, as I thought about what may have occurred in my life as a result of the Vickersí ministry, I wondered if anything had happened. In fact, it wasnít until this morning that I realized the presence of God all over again. I believe that the ministering of the Vickersí was involved.

Earlier that week, I had learned that my brother was going through his last days. It had preoccupied me. Worry about my sister-in-law also grabbed my attention, especially since I had no way to be with her. When she called she had expressed concern that sheíd ruin my birthday with the news! How like her to be concerned for others!

The evening of the 23rd, I prayed for them, and I had no intention of saying anything publicly to the group gathered. The Reverend Vickers caught my arm as I was leaving, and told me that he had a message that I had something to say. Iím not sure how he received that message. Those who attended heard me say that it was indeed my birthday, and that I asked for their support and prayers over the next year because Jesus had plans for me about which I had been wondering. I recited Proverbs 3:5-6 (and many in attendance recited it with me) because it had been in my heart.

Trusting in Him was all He was asking of me at the time. I began to realize that when I received the news yesterday of my brotherís passing. He had granted him peace in his last hours and some closure for my sister-in-law, who has been at his side during his 12-year battle against Alzheimer's. As I mourn his loss I know that he has His arms around her. I can trust in Him to give her the strength and the grace she needs.

So my thought about the blessings of the Vickers' ministry is that God grabbed my attention back on Saturday, September 23, using Reverend Vickers as His tool, and that He is determined that I will never forget that He is with me always.


I am writing to tell you what a blessing the Vickers' visit was to me. I went to Life on the Vine Saturday evening and enjoyed the music and the talks that Randy and Dorothy gave. I thoroughly enjoyed Randy's sermon on Sunday morning. You can tell, by the constant smile on his face, that he is bursting with God's love and a desire to spread that love to everyone. I also was touched by what Dorothy had to say both Saturday and Sunday.

I have to admit that I was kind of skeptical of the whole "healing" thing when I went to Sunday evenings healing service. I went because I had nothing to lose and wanted to see what it was all about. I was originally going to be ask to be prayed over about medical problems, but that was not the kind of healing that God had in mind for me Sunday evening. He had an emotional healing in mind for me. When Randy was speaking he read a list of needs that people may feel the need to be healed of. The one thing on the list that was for me was the question about where I stand with God. When I went up to be prayed for, the women from the prayer team, who were praying for me, knew what I needed from God. I had mentioned a couple of physical problems, but I also mentioned my doubts about where I stood with God. I have been depressed lately and part of that depression comes from low self-esteem. When the two women began praying over me, one asked what else was bothering me and I told them of my doubts and esteem issues and the prayers that they prayed brought me to tears. To know how much God loves me and to be told, by God, through them that I was lovable and a true daughter of God was just amazing. I went home feeling lighter and have not felt down in the dumps since then.

Since the healing service, I wake up with songs from church on my mind and in my heart. I also have been told through some spiritual power, a book and chapter from the Bible, to read each morning. The first reading that came to me was Colossians 3. It was about being spiritual. What an amazing thing to read the day after the healing service.

I want to thank you for inviting the Vickers to our church. Their visit was life changing and uplifting. I look forward to hearing from them again some day.