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Charles Magee

Dear All

This is a true testimony of God through Jesus working by the power of prayer. This is an accurate record of the events that took place to demonstrate how God supernaturally physically healed the undersigned’s lower back on Friday, 15th April 2005.

Over the weeks and months prior to 15th April 2005, my lower back got progressively worse caused by improperly sitting at office desks. When the University’s physiotherapist examined my lower back in November 2004, she stated that because of the way that I have been sitting at offices over a period of years, my lower back had become 'frozen' i.e. movement was reduced. She told me that even with her recommended exercises, it would never get any better.

On Friday, 15th April 2005, I attended a Full Gospel Business Mens’ Fellowship meeting at the Royal Station Hotel, Neville St, Newcastle Upon Tyne. I had dinner and enjoyed the Christian fellowship. Later a speaker who runs a chain of hairdressing salons in Newcastle gave his testimony about how he became Christian.

Afterwards there was a simple prayer session. During that time I felt a strong realisation that my life (in terms of what's important in the eyes of God) was breaking down. When there was an invitation for prayer, I went up and made a specific personal request regarding a heart issue in my life. When I got up from my chair to walk to the front of meeting where the ministry team were waiting, my lower back screamed with pain as my back straightened (this was a regular occurance caused by the poor posture I mentioned earlier).

The Vickers, a Christian couple whom I had never met before and who had not observed me being in discomfort prayed for me. They inform me that they would not give me psychological spin about my personal situation but conveyed that they would seek God's help & advice through Jesus. As they began praying for my personal issue, God spoke to them saying that God wanted to heal my lower back.

The Vicker’s prayed for me in various ways (for my back & arms etc). When I was sitting down, they said that my legs are not completely even (one leg is longer than the other). They began to pray and my slightly shorter leg began to grow. Then they prayed for me in general and I felt the presence of God come over me.

Afterwards, they ask 'how is my back?' I said there is no pain and tested my back by doing various exercises. I left the meeting so full of the hope and Praise to God.

On Saturday morning, when I was going for my regular swim, I did the front crawl, breast stroke and butterfly techniques and there was no pain either during the physical exercise or afterwards. Later, in the afternoon when I had flown to London and moving my suitcase, I did not have any pain when moving 20+ Kg (45 lbs) around.

To summarise, what I am saying that I came to God spiritually and emotional broken and God through Jesus healed me both spiritually, emotionally and physically. A few months earlier, the physiotherapist's said that my lower back would never get better. Attached you will find the latest physiotherapist’s report on my back.

If any of you are doubters or religious cynics, how do you rationally explain that when I went up for prayer, I had pain and when I receive prayer, there was no pain? There was nothing put in the drink or else the pain would have come back the day after, especially after rigorous exercising. I am not a perfect Christian & have my weaknesses etc.

The bottom line is that I came to Jesus with a broken and contrite heart and he healed me both emotionally and physically. It is as simple as that. I want to and feel obligated that I ought to share what I feel God has done for me. I am quite excited about it and it has restored / renewed my Christian life.

Somewhere in the Gospels when a blind man was healed by Jesus, the healed man said, 'I was blind now I can see'. Likewise, I can say too that Jesus healed me, I had a sore 'frozen' lower back and Jesus healed me.

The words of my testimony are completely true and reflect that the man called Jesus Christ who died for the sins of the world around 2000 years ago, rose from the dead and ascended into heaven, is still alive, interceding to God the Father on our behalf.

I believe God is not uncaring or at a distance, but He is here waiting and listening to you. You just have to talk and listen to Him.

To His Glory for ever and ever,

Charles Brendan Magee (Junior)


I currently work as the Assistant Director (South Asia) of the International Office at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. I attend Jesmond Parish Church in Newcastle.