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This is the Story of My Healing

By Carole Pagnotto

Five months ago I had a mammogram done & it showed that I had a spot on my left breast. Several more mammograms were done at this time & I was told that I would be watched & that I should have another one done in six months.

On Friday, February 8th, 2002, I received a call from my doctor telling me that she wanted me to have a follow up mammogram done ASAP & an appointment was set for me to have the procedure done on Wednesday, February 13. At that time, again several mammograms were done and all showed the same spot in the same location. I was told that the radiologist would study the films for comparison & they would get back to me. Needless to say I was more than a little worried & stressed. Prayer was needed & Joe & I were looking forward to the Vickers Healing Mission that would be held the following Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

During the Friday services, I asked for prayer & an angel by the name of Diana Fadrique came & prayed for me. We went to the back of the PLC & during Diana's prayer for my healing she named the spot as cancer & said that I would be OK. I wanted to put my hand over her mouth & tell her no, no, this wasn't cancer. In her prayers at one point she said that she felt the Lord was telling her that Joe & I had not been together very long. I told her that we had been married for three months. She said the Lord was not going to separate us & that He had work for Joe & me to do. That was so comforting! Diana continued to pray & then she said that she felt the LORD was also telling her that Joe & I had made a pact with Him (which we had) & that He was honouring that pact & that pact was that that there were not two of us in our marriage, but that there were three of us, Jesus, Joe & me. Diana then told me about her experience as a cancer patient & again assured me that I would be OK. Joe & I left feeling confident that all was in God's hands & that no matter what, with His help I would deal with it.

On Tuesday afternoon, February 19, I received a call telling me that the spot was "different" & that I had to go in for a sonogram at 10:40 the next morning. My doctor called me & told me that Joe should be with me; that they would do the sonogram & then a biopsy. She sounded very ominous but, of course, told me not to worry! Ha! I immediately got on the Internet to all my wonderful sisters in Christ to start praying & in no time I felt bathed in prayer.

On our way to Kelsey-Seybold, Joe said he knew that I was OK & we both assured each other that there was nothing to worry about. Everything was in the hands of our Saviour, the Great Physician & we knew that there was nothing too difficult for Him.

When the technician started the sonogram, I was looking at the monitor, looking for the spot, & I couldn't see it & neither could she! Joe was standing behind her with tears in his eyes & silently giving a cheer sign as she kept saying that this was all clear & that she was anxious to have the radiologist see her results. She was gone about 15 minutes & that gave Joe & me time to pray & praise the Lord for His faithfulness. When she arrived back in the room, she said the doctor wanted a full sonogram done to the entire left side. Again, during the procedure, she kept telling us that there was NOTHING THERE & the three of us were laughing as we gave glory to God. She gave this report to the doctor & he had her come in & tell me that I was just fine & go home!

My doctor called me later in the day & she was just incredulous! I told her this was the power of prayer & she readily agreed! Now all I need to do is to return for another mammogram in six months. I think I will be able to handle that.

We are so grateful & thankful for this healing & Joe & I give all the honour, praise & glory to our Lord Jesus Christ, Jehovah Rapha, our healer; Jehovah Jirah, our provider & El Shaddai, the All-sufficient One!