About Us


The team works under the following commission from Mark 16:17-18

“they who believe… shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover”

As a centre, we operate on the following Foundational Principles:

  • Christ Centred – whilst God moves through us to meet needs, we recognise we aren’t the answer to people’s needs, rather Jesus is, and our job is to help people meet Him.
  • It is the nature and will of God to heal everyone, immediately – right here and right now.
  • We seek to be a means of this desire of God that all be instantly healed becoming a reality – people encountering Jesus and being made well.
  • We seek to enable others through training, etc., to do the same – we want to give it away.



We have a team of people who are trained and accredited by the Centre to minister at our services, each one coming from different streams of the Christian tradition and are active in their local church congregation.

Each member of the team is accountable to the Directors of the Centre who in turn are accountable to the Trustees.


David Vickers


Karen Vickers


Randy Vickers

Associate Director

We are open every Thursday from 7.30pm.